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Having covered Erith and the surrounding areas since 1998, Hearts MOT Ltd is one of Kent’s most trusted garages. Car servicing and car repairs are the cornerstones of our company, but some customers still need a little explanation on what these services involve. Others might want some clarity over Class VI MOTs, diagnostics or our responsive vehicle recovery services. It’s fine to have questions, and we are always here to provide you with a suitable answer.


This page answers some of the more common questions we receive from customers in the Erith area, and offers a valuable insight in full and interim car servicing, mechanical repairs, MOT testing, MOT repairs and breakdown recovery.


Do I need to book in for full or interim car servicing?


This usually depends on the number of miles you drive each year. You will need to book in for a full service every year (or after every 12,000 miles driven) anyway but, if you exceed 12,000 miles in a calendar year, we advise that you book in for interim car servicing after 6,000 miles. We can service your car to the same standard as main dealerships in Erith.


It is no bad thing to use our Erith workshop for interim car servicing every 6 months even if you don’t cover 12,000 miles annually. This will keep your engine cleaner, the moving parts in good condition and fuel economy at optimal levels.


Does Hearts MOT Ltd undertake cars repairs on any vehicle?


Yes. Unlike dealership garages that only work on one brand, we perform car repairs over all makes and models. Although we only have the space to repair passenger cars and LCVs, this means that we can help you most of the time. Our repair services include brake and clutch replacements, mechanical troubleshooting, exhaust fitting and full engine rebuilds.


To ensure we recommend the car repairs your vehicle needs, we invest into the trade’s latest engine management technology for the purpose of diagnostics. Hearts MOT Ltd has one of the best equipped garages in the Erith area.


Are MOTs mandatory and can I receive points without one?


Annual MOT testing is mandatory on all cars aged three years and over. We perform Class IV MOTs on passenger cars, LCVs and all public service vehicles which fall into this category. You will not receive points on your licence for driving without a valid MOT certificate, but you could face a fine of up to £1,000. Remember that MOT testing identifies your car as being roadworthy on the day of the test only.


Should the police stop you at the roadside and your car isn’t roadworthy, you could receive points for each item found. MOTs are not a failsafe and we advise motorists in Erith to conduct weekly inspections of their own vehicles.


If my car fails an inspection, do you perform MOT Repairs?


Yes. Book in for MOT testing with Hearts MOT Ltd and, should we find any issues on your vehicle, we’ll notify you immediately and ask if you would like us to proceed with the repair work. We do not start MOT repairs without your consent and will always provide an accurate quotation for labour and any parts required when we notify you of a test failure.


We can often complete MOT repairs on the same day and, just like all reputable garages in Erith and the surrounding areas, we perform secondary MOTs (or re-tests) for free.


How do engine diagnostics help in the field of car repairs?


Modern cars have onboard computer systems and the ECU is the gateway to the engine subsystem. Engine diagnostics is the retrieval of stored fault codes from the ECU, and we use the results of a diagnostic test to recommend car repairs to our Erith customers. This saves our customers money on what would otherwise be costly and painstaking troubleshooting work.


To perform engine diagnostics, garages must invest into advanced equipment that meets criteria set by major manufacturers. Hearts MOT Ltd understands the importance of this investment, and regularly updates and upgrades its engine management tooling.


Do your vehicle recovery prices beat AA and RAC rates?


We see this as an open-ended question and one that has many answers. What we do know is that a sizeable proportion of motorists in Erith who pay for breakdown recovery each year never use it. While the reassurance of having assistance in place should you need it is obviously welcome, not all motorists can absorb the cost of vehicle recovery membership on top of the usual driving expenses.


Because we provide breakdown recovery services on a local basis, you only pay the callout fee and mileage which, because we only collect from inside a small radius of our workshop, is proportionately inexpensive.


Independent garages usually match or beat big-name organisations on annual prices based on very occasional and local-only use.

Call 01322 446561 to book in for car repairs, car servicing and Class IV MOTs. We are one of Erith’s most trusted independent garages.

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