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Engine management and engine diagnostics go hand in hand, and our independent garage in Erith is home to some of the trade’s most advanced equipment. The ECU on your car (Engine Control Unit) is best thought of as its brain. Sensors positioned across the rest of the vehicle send information to the ECU, which calculates data and sends out actuators which adjust performance. This keeps your car running smoothly and at optimal levels.


The sensors provide information from mechanical and electrical systems, including the condition of the brakes, the fuel pressure, the running temperature, air and fuel mixtures, the idling speed and the ignition timing. When a car undergoes self-diagnosis, we call this Onboard Diagnostics (OBD).

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It is the OBD system that gives our technicians access to the engine subsystem via the ECU, using equipment that retrieves stored fault codes when actuators won’t self-adjust. This is the basis of engine diagnostics, a service we provide to customers in Erith, South London and all locations in the northern areas of Kent.


The first indication of a problem with the onboard diagnostic system for most motorists is a dashboard warning light. Some of these warning lights will alert the driver to the actual issue, and many dashboards have light displays for common problems such as worn brake pads or the car exceeding its scheduled service interval.


Others will only point to an engine management issue. This is when most motorists book in for engine diagnostics.

Performing a Diagnostic Check

The technicians at our workshop in Erith connect specialist equipment to a port on the ECU, which stores individual fault codes. The ECU relays the stored fault codes to a display on the code reader, and our technicians cross-reference these codes to isolate the mechanical or electrical issue on your car. We can perform engine diagnostics on any vehicle fitted with an ECU and OBD system – which most modern makes and models now have.


Engine diagnostics make it easier for our technicians to find faults on your vehicle and this saves time, and labour costs, on traditional mechanical troubleshooting.

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The results of a diagnostic check help our technicians to recommend the correct repair method and to identify any parts your car might need. We are one of the very few garages in and around the Erith area to continually upgrade its engine management equipment, which has approval from major vehicle manufacturers and from leading names in our industry.


Please visit our website gallery to see our engine management equipment at work or call us today on 01322 446561 to find out more about engine diagnostics and the many different services provided by our workshop on Sandcliff Road.

Call 01322 446561 to book in for engine diagnostics at one of Erith’s most trusted independent garages. We cover Bexley, Bexleyheath and the South East.

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