Finding Good Garages in Bexley and South East London

Local motorists are never short of choice when it comes to independent garages but how can they find one that performs car servicing to the same standards as a dealership, or car repairs to the schedule specified by the manufacturer? Will the garage also provide inspection services, such as annual MOTs, brake checks and engine diagnostics? How do road users in the Bexley area find a service provider they can get to know and, eventually, to trust?


At Hearts MOT Ltd, we believe we know the answers to these important questions.


Located in Erith, our company already has a strong customer base in Bexley. We’re the affordable alternative to dealership garages in our area, undertaking car servicing on all manufacturer marques as prices that beat those charged by main agents by up to 18% and more. We are also lower in price on car repairs and recommended DVSA rates for Class IV MOTs.


Here are some key things to consider when looking for a new garage or using one for the first time:


Clarity and Transparency


Good garages in the Bexley area will take the time to explain things in more detail so, if you want to know why you should book in for interim car servicing or the guarantee a company offers on its car repairs, be sure to ask relevant questions. You should also receive a clear indication on turnaround times and, of course, how much the work will cost.


The more open, honest and transparent a garage is, the more comfortable you’ll feel in using it and the better the likelihood there is of the work meeting expected standards.


Customer Reviews


The best recommendation for any company is a customer review. Garages rely heavily on reputation and word-of-mouth to generate new business so look for testimonials from other drivers in the Bexley area or check for reviews on trade-related websites. Look at what previous customers have to say about individual services, such as tyre fitting or MOTs.


If you have a good (or bad) experience at a garage yourself, be sure to leave a review and help other motorists to make an informed decision on car servicing and repair work.


Accreditation and Training


Avoid having car repairs undertaken at garages in the Bexley area that have no accreditation, staff with no formal qualifications or no onsite training program. It also makes sense to check the company’s insurance, and that they have suitable levels of employer and public liability cover in place. Look to see if the office displays certificates to support company accreditation.


Check also for the accompanying approval certificates to perform MOT’s if you’ve booked in for a test. Most garages like to show off their credentials to customers because this builds trust and reputation. If a garage has no credentials, there’s usually an underlying reason for it.


Prices and Guarantees


If the cost of car repairs and car servicing sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It’s fine for garages to be competitive on price but when a workshop is ridiculously low with its rates, it should raise a few questions. Garages that charge the lowest prices often use low-end patterned parts instead of genuine OEM or premium aftermarket components.


MOTs tend to be a little different. The DVSA sets the price for inspections but any garage in Bexley can lower that price to attract more customers. The inspector will still adhere to the criteria set by the DVSA and must perform the MOT test in a fair and impartial manner.

Call 01322 446561 to book in for car repairs, car servicing and Class IV MOTs. We cover Bexley as one of the area’s most trusted independent garages.

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